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What you’ll read below is called a Blueprint of ME Collaboration Document. The Blueprint of ME is an amazing way for people to create a healthy relationship between you and your mind. You know, that chatterbox in your head that's like a roommate that's with you 24 hours a day. It can inspire you to do great things, or spiral you intro total stress. This is the 1-page version of my Blueprint of ME, and I’d like to share it with you so you can get to know me a little better.

There are 5 Components that you write about when you create your own
Blueprint of ME, here are mine:



1. The Story of Me
Who I am, how I show up when things are going well.


My name is Kerrigan McCarthy, my life is led by seeking and living wisdom, story, beauty, love, simplicity and most of all breathtaking music. In all my years of life I have found such things to be quite plentiful and in a state of constant expansion. Music and writing are two activities that occupy a vast amount of my time since I truly believe that music and writing have the ability to harness community and connection, internally and externally. These forms of expression are what help me stay in flow and maintain a healthy and happy mind, body and soul. 

When I am in flow with myself I am a very organized and happy individual. I am aware of my actions, others actions, and my reactions to both. Clean and clear space surrounds me and music goes strong. I am very loving towards others and seek out personal interactions. A smile is without a doubt on my face, in my eyes, and throughout my soul. I make connections quickly and stay steady on tasks of interest. Life is much simpler when in flow since my brain works more efficiently due to a pacing of positive energy.

I really love the presence of life around me, including humans, animals and nature. An important goal of mine is surrounding myself with people and things pulsing positive intentions since I feed off of their energy. Open-mindedness thrives within me since new people and ideas spark magic and inspiration I could have never predicted. A high level of emotional intelligence allows me to positively and quickly respond to the emotions of myself and of those around me. Determination and Integrity are at my core and made apparent; from my efficient work ethic to my impeccable sportsmanship. Being aware of who I am in the world and having a sense of where I want to go has taught me the importance of clarity.


2. Interaction Styles & Warning Signs

My way of relating to the world. How I work best.


On my best day I show up with a smile that can be seen in the depths of my eyes and music will most certainly be near. I show up as a kind, generous, and helpful person through which conversation flows naturally. Physical activity is a crucial building block of my energized being.

Many settings are suitable for me to work, though I can say that I truly thrive from social settings when all are working. Interactive and visual collaboration is most often preferred since I find truth in us being wiser together when we use learning tools that engage us. Early mornings and late nights both cultivate dynamic work since the rising sun brings absolute joy to my heart and mind while the darkness gives me the feeling that time has stopped and I can work forever. Life is a compilation of good and great days that evolve me into who I am and show me that tomorrow is completely up to me to create. 

Although life is wondrous, stress slides in to serve its time and purpose. Stress can be internal and external. If the stress is internal, for example a mental struggle with a personal story, I tend to go inside myself, become silent and separate myself from others until I can find a way to break through the stress, turn it around to help me, and return to a place of peace. This process is best done for me when I am alone or quietly with someone who can exemplify a place of peace. If the stress is external, for example a time crunch, I can boost into overdrive to reach high levels of efficiency. My eyes will go wide, ears will perk up, and quick moving limbs will be set in motion. The right type of stress can be a great motivator for me. In times of stress what helps me most is music, friends, family, chocolate, the sun, and personal space to relax. I am an internal processor at first, but will then want to have a clarifying conversation with a friend since verbalizing thoughts allows me to see them with a much clearer view.

3. Expectations

How I want to custom design my life and make agreements with myself.


Everyday I become more and more thrilled to design the future ahead of me. While pursuing my goals and interacting with people I plan to continue being a representation of clarity, integrity, passion, courage, compassion, financial stability, simplicity, humor, emotional intelligence, conversation skills, and open-mindedness. I plan to explore the innovation of creativity and collaborative awareness by exemplifying a well-rounded and healthy individual, mentally and physically, and seeking the immense depths of love and care within myself and all other humans. I want to be a voice in our world that brings comfort, joy and positivity to as many lives as possible by being a supporting link in the neverending chain of love. I hope to continuously expand my mental capacity to harness and grow ideas for a better tomorrow. In my plans to become an extinguished writer, musician, father, partner, brother, innovator, and creator, I wish for my words to reach all ears willing to listen and my music to inspire the most effortless of dancing!


4. Questions to Return to Peace

Questions to ask myself to get back to a good place.


  • Are your head and heart aligned? 

  • Have you considered the other person's vantage point? 

  • Is the sun shining?

  • How do you want to turn up the volume on what's working well right now?


5. Short & Long-term Agreements

How long I’ll go before I find peace inside of me.


My Short-Term Timeframe is: 2 Days

My Long-Term Timeframe is: 1 Year

My Introduction Blueprint of Me

Kerrigan McCarthy   •   (+1)847.951.8082   •   • IG: musicispeace719  



ova here,

you don't even know

whats comin' near.

don't you fear,

for you are the one

to stear clear 

of whatever

you so please.

often referred to as

natural steeze.

meaning having 

a mind

going 360 degrees.

i kid you not,

it makes life a breeze

and your thoughts

the leaves on the trees

flowing peacefully 

in the wind.

if you find yourself

living any other way,

take a step back

from your average

day to day,

find a release to relay.

last but not least,

come my way.

We finna grow.



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